Agathos and Cargostore Run For Mental Health Awareness
Monday, July 10th, 2017


From left: Agathos CEO William de Laszlo, Charles Richards (Agathos), Camilla Costa (Cargostore), Marloes Wanrooij (Cargostore)

Agathos Management LLP and Cargostore Worldwide Trading participated in the Virgin 10K run on 9th July, carrying two containers on stretchers around London. The aim was to raise funds and awareness for The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT) which was set up in 1997 in memory of Charlie Waller, a young man who took his own life whilst suffering from depression.

CWMT raises awareness of depression and fights the stigma associated with this, providing training to schools, universities, GPs, nurses and employers, and encouraging those who may be depressed to seek help.

Over £12,000 has been raised and counting – an amazing amount of money for an incredible cause. Over 300 people generously donated online in the run up to the event, and the large containers received both a lot of attention and donations during the run, from both spectators and runners. Donations continue to come in after the event. From all of us that took part we want to wish everyone a massive thank you for the support.

William de Laszlo, CEO of Agathos and Trustee of CWMT:

“Participating in the Virgin 10k run was an amazing experience and it was great to do this in conjunction with Cargostore. I have been affiliated with this charity for many years, and I have seen first hand the amazing work they do and the positive impact this makes on so many people’s lives. When depression touches peoples lives it often goes unnoticed, due to the stigma associated with it. With this run we were able to help both with fundraising and raising awareness for the charity. To anyone that donated or has spread the word of this amazing charity a massive thank you from us all at Agathos and Cargostore”.

Charles Richards, Chief of Staff at Agathos:

“Charlie Waller was a cousin of mine who took his own life whilst suffering in silence from depression nearly 20 years ago.  The work this charity now does is extraordinary.

The run itself, winding its way through the iconic sights of London, exceeded my anticipation as an event, as did the weight of the cargo containers we carried!  What left a deeper imprint was the level of camaraderie and sense of togetherness I experienced; with our team mates, fellow runners, race supporters lining the streets and unsuspecting members of the public.  The latter, many of whom were tourists, were faced with a puce-in-the-face bald bloke charging up to them brandishing an orange bucket, babbling at them in an out of breath way about a charity that saves lives through its extraordinary work in combating depression while pointing at a handful of people in green t-shirts lugging a large container about.  So many gave so freely.  Of course accumulatively this didn’t make the containers any lighter.

It was only on reflection after the event that I realised that the humility and connection I had experienced that morning was the very thing the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust works so hard to bring to those who due to depression do not experience it.  It was a privilege to play a small part in it.“

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From left: Bee Heller, Tom Wright, Daniel Knight, Charles Oakshett, John Butt, Charles Richards, Marloes Wanrooij, Camilla Costa, William de Laszlo, Jim Bastin and Simon Danielli.