Agathos portfolio company Vikoma has turned 50
Friday, October 27th, 2017


Several agents and distributors from all over the world visited the Isle of White factory for demos, workshops and a 50 year celebratory party with employees.

Vikoma has been manufacturing reliable and innovative oil recovery and environment protection equipment for 50 years. Equipment is designed by the experienced in house team on the Isle of Wight, UK. Founded by BP after the Torrey Canyon Oil spill off Cornwall in 1967, Vikoma is committed to providing high quality products that can be relied on when needed. First class support services available from maintenance to commissioning and training.

In 2015 we backed a management buy-out and have subsequently invested heavily in development to ensure products remain market leaders.

Oil Spill Recovery.
A full range of equipment to contain, recover a store oil from an oil spill. Oil spill containment booms manufactured are neoprene and polyurethane for deployment offshore, near shore and inland; a range of oil recovery skimmers including the Komara skimmer with an oil recovery rate of more than 98%; together with storage and clean up solutions.

Oily Water treatment
A range of equipment specifically designed for use within refineries, petro chemical, power generation and waste oil pits. Equipment provided is certified for use in hazardous areas and able to operate in high ambient temperatures with a design life of typically 25 years.

A range of temporary flood barriers for a comprehensive provision against flood damage together with ancillary equipment for cleaning up after a flood.

Oil Containment Booms, Oil Recovery Skimmers, Oil Storage Tanks, Power Packs, Pumps and Pipeline Systems, Dispersant Systems, Ancillary Equipment, Vessels, Training and Commissioning, Flood barrier, Flood remediation, Water treatment solutions, and beach clean up