seeking investment

seeking investment

We look at businesses in a wide variety of industries but in each case the business and the potential transaction are likely to present some unique complexities, which might include (for example) succession challenges, shareholder disputes, portfolio "orphans", corporate divestments or simultaneous management buy-ins and buy-outs.

At Agathos we are focused on developing relationships with the executive management team, and on cultivating an honest and open exchange of information and ideas. We will appoint a non-executive who will bring relevant experience and strengthen the board. We have strong relationships with experts chosen for their relevant skills and expertise in specific areas, meaning that they can provide pertinent leadership and management to give the best possible results.


our investment criteria

We invest in UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in both complex and non-complex situations. With our committed fund our typical investment is between £500,000 and £5million, although our family office relationships allow us to invest more in exceptional cases. We will consider opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • Businesses with turnover up to £100M (larger companies we will review on a case-by-case basis)
  • UK SMEs that are good at what they do and have a good reputation for doing it
  • Businesses operating in a broad range of industries including media and technology, manufacturing, distribution, consumer, business products and services.

Businesses will seek investment for any number of reasons: financial distress, succession challenges, funding requirements, lender pressure or challenging stakeholder dynamics. Our team is made up of situation specialists who can move quickly to assess a situation and make a decision on how to progress. ‘How’ we do these things is what sets us apart. The companies we invest in become part of our family of businesses and we work alongside them, using a personal touch that is focused on building, nurturing and supporting teams. Our reputation is important to us and we recognise that as a business built on the concept of being ‘good people to work with’, we prefer to listen and work with management to form strong teams, once investment is complete to have the best chance of success in the longer term.

our investment approach - 'The Agathos Way'

Whilst every deal is unique, there are common themes to our approach. Our focus will be:

Prior to a transaction:

  • To focus on the issues which are fundamental to the business’s future, both opportunities and risks;
  • To complete our assessment quickly and with visibility for other parties involved;
  • To understand the business in order that we can develop a shared vision of its long term future (strategic, operational and financial); and
  • Once we make a decision, move swiftly and decisively to implement the strategy.

Post transaction:

  • To develop high quality management information systems and reporting practices;
  • To provide sufficient resources to allow the business to thrive; and
  • To allow management to get on with the job of running the business unimpeded.

our people are important

160218 Team Montage
Because of the size of our team, the way our fund is set up and the skills of our people and our specialist advisors’ knowledge and skills, we are able to make investment decisions quickly.

so are the family of companies we work with

We love to partner with people who are good at what they do, have a good reputation for doing it and who are passionate about their business and achieving success.

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As Investment Director, Albert sources and evaluates new deal opportunities. He brings over 15 year's experience in transactions and accelerated processes of businesses in complex and non-complex situations.